It is five years since the launch of the "EMPS Walk of Fame" project, which is creating a timeline from the school´s commencement in 1971, through to the present day and then beyond to the school´s 100th year. This photo and excerpt are from a 2011 webpage:



"Project organiser and teacher Stella Audino is holding a sample of the engraved bricks which will form the EMPS Walk of Fame pathway. Past student and current P&C Treasurer Kristy Hughes (nee Walter) is showing her kindy daughter Ashlee where their bricks will be placed. School Registrar Denise Blakers (nee Kelly) is a foundation student at EMPS and is encouraging past and present school community members to become a part of this history making pathway.

Each person who purchases a paver will have it laid in a position relating to when they first arrived at the school. In this way the path will be an historical timeline of names capturing the students, staff and parents who have been associated with EMPS since 1971."


The P&C are keen to add to our path with more students and staff, both current and past. Why not have your name engraved in history? Personalized engraved pavers are currently on sale at the school for $50. They will be ordered and installed when we have 50 orders.

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